Waldron Racing

Heath Waldron #4

Heath started racing in 2006 on a limited schedule.

2007 Heath ran the full season which at that time was only 6 races at Blackrock speedway.It wasn't a very good year with all races ending up as DNF's.

2008 Heath came to Paradise Speedway with a new style engine and a new car and had a break out year with several top3 finishes. In the end of the year he finally won his first heat race and won 2 races.

2009 Heath went out and won a race to start the year and then the season took a turn for the worst with 3 DNF's in a row Flipping 2 times in different cars and loosing the second motor of the year for the 3rd DNF.Winning the last race of the year he did manage to clinch the championship for 2009 season.

2010 Heath once again ran a limited schedule.he raced 10 times with 2 feature wins on the season and wound up 6th in points

2011 Heath was planning on running a limited schedule but after the first 4 weeks We decided to run until he started breaking or wrecking.Heath went on the lead the championship half way through the year.He then took 3 weeks off for shoulder surgery.When he returned he started where he left off.Wound up with 2 heat race wins and 6 feature wins.Heath is the 2011 track champion for the second time in three years.With the season over All of the Equipment is for Sale and will be building a new car if all the old stuff sells.He is unsure what his plans are for 2012.

Neil Waldron#44

  Neil climbed into a sprint car for the first time in 2008.
  2008~ Neil Raced half a season in Heathís  back up car and loved the thrill of racing. Thatís what made me want a car of my own.
  2009~ Started with a new car we built from the frame up.  Raced the summer series at Paradise Speedway, Finished 4th in season points.
  2010~ Neil drove to his first win with many 2nd and 3rd. Finished year with 2nd in points. The car stayed together all year with no major issues. Not bad year.

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