Waldron Racing

9-3-11  #4  Heath is 2011 Paradise Speedway track champion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

5-7-11 Saturday night was a very good night of racing for waldron racing.Made several adjustments to both cars after the heat race seen waldron racing pick up speed in the feature and running up front.the brothers had a mishap coming out of turn 2 causing both cars to be stuck together with heaths right front tire stuck on top of neils left rear tire.After both cars were separated they Both battled hard for the runner up spot. Neil will be representing Waldron racing at the track for the next 6 weeks as Heath undergoes right shoulder surgery this week.

5-6-11 #44 car was picked up from the sticker shop tonight and it really looks awesome!!! Changed gears in the #4 car this week to try to get some more speed out of it down the straights.

4/16/11   opening night cancelled because of rain.....  Cant wait for next week

3-30-11 #44 car in know a rolling chassis with motor know in car.All were waiting for in intake manifold to be made this week.#4 car is complete and we have dismounting and mounting new tires this week to get a jump on the season.With the new wing rule we feel were at an advantage because we are the only team to run them in the past years.